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In one of our first trips to Europe, an unexpected situation with a lost hotel reservation made us alter our plans and drive in search of a place to spend the night in the middle of the mountains.
We started exploring remote places and small towns, unknown to most of the traditional traveler's guides. To our fortune we found a fascinating way of traveling: no plans, just go, drive, mingle and discover through agricultural tourism...; this is how we inadvertertenly started our "agro-travels" journies. (read the chapter about Laguardia for the whole story)

Since 2001 this has been our motto in every trip we make, and after so many wonders and unique places found, we decided to share those experiences with you.

Agrotravels is three years old!, we are excited to share our new agro-tourism experiences! Thank you those visitors who sent us comment all this time! We hope you enjoy the results of our travels and our work.

photo: Prague, Czeck Republic, May 2009

About Us
We are just like you, people that love to travel and explore new places. We didn't know how much we loved it until we had to improvise our plans. When life is a predetermined routine, these getaways have been the best alternative for us. As with everything else in life, we also have our roles in our trips:


Cecilia Puchulutegui
When she is away from her genetics research, she is the best navigator, excellent route planner, and if the weather is threating with rain, fog or snow, she finds alternatives on the fly to take us to a more pleassant experience. Traveling with not dare buy a GPS!





Hugo J. Montiel
Tireless driver, loves to hit the road and drive to the most remote locations, mountains, lakes, accross rivers, and in the most crowded city as well. Also, he has a passion for photography. If you travel with him, well, be prepared to wait when Hugo is waiting for that "perfect shot"...

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What is Agricultural Tourism?

Also known as Agro Tourism, this is an alternative form to practice tourism. Instead of staying at a hotel, you stay in a house that offers lodging and food for a few guests at a time. You heard about Bed & Breakfast, well... this is very similar but the difference resides mainly in that you have more contact with the family that owns the establishment and you have the advantage of eating what they produce. Since the majority of the houses that offer agroturism are located in smaller cities, villages or rural zones, you'll find that the rooms are very spacious, the nights are quite and the relationship with the locals is more intense.

What are the benefits of Agro-Turism in comparison to the traditional way?
  • Typical home o building with or without history: These guest houses can range from a family country house to a castel with centuries of local history. The architecture depends on the region.

  • The Rooms: Usually a double or the option of two twin beds with a private bath, with comfortable mattresses and extra clean linens, well decorated and very spacious to fit your bag or luggage.

  • The Food: All of these houses offer breakfast at the main dining table or terrace and may include home made bread, jams and cheeses together with cold cuts, fruits, juices and hot infussions. Other houses may also offer a special dinner for an extra price.

  • The Owners: They will welcome you as if you were family, showing you the room and asking you the best time for breakfast. Many of them will sit and chat whith you while having breakfast or dinner. It is an excellent way to get to know the local people and the customs of the region you are visiting.

  • The Other Guests: they are just like you and eager to know new things. It is a great opportunity to meet new people and exchange experiences.

  • Price: One room per night for two people will typically range in Europe from 35 to 100. This most expensive option probably means a magnificent house with an incredible view and unimaginable history.

  • The Surroundings: Amazing! the house will be surrounded by nature and most likely be located in a beautiful place, close to very interesting sights.

  • Personality: Whether you spend one night or one week, you'll find that each house has a personality that makes it unique and thus, it will give you something good to remember.

Remember our slogan "just go, explore and discover"