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Here are our chosen destinations for this edition. History, highlights, maps, more pictures, our chosen places to stay (if it applies), and external references that will help you complete the information you want. This section will add a new destination every month! Enjoy it!.

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Agricultural Toursim (also know as Agro-Tourism) is a philosophy of traveling, getting involved, getting to know the locals, and discovering the trassures that you can only find when you break out from the typical tourist routine.

We dare you to go through small roads, visit old towns that barely show up in maps, and when you get there, local people make you feel welcome, and the place will open the doors to a total new experiece.

Our mission is to share our AgroTourism experiences as a different way to enjoy your long waited vacation. Here you will find only what we have known and experienced by our own and what ,to our high standards, we find worthy to explore and visit. Also, we want to share with you as many pictures as you can take, large high definition pictures. In this way when you get to those destinations, you have a well formed idea of what it is that you are going to find.

This is our humble contribution to those who love traveling, learn and explore in the process.


Cecilia & Hugo
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